Stuart Wray

Software, systems and security

Papers, patents, etc

Stuart Wray
How Pair Programming Really Works
IEEE Software, January/February 2010, pp50-55.

Stuart Wray
SQ minus EQ can predict programming aptitude
Proc. 19th Annual workshop on Psychology of Programming (2008)

Uolevi Nikula, Jorma Sajaniemi, Matti Tedre, Stuart Wray
Python and Roles of Variables in Introductory Programming
Journal of Information Technology Education, Vol 6, pp192-214 (2007)

Stuart Wray, Clive Jones, Stephen Jenner, Robert Salter
Call admission control
Patent GB0404576D, US2006146785 (2004)

Stuart Wray, Clive Jones, Stephen Jenner, Robert Salter
Improvements in or relating to call control
Patent GB0404587D, WO2005086434 (2004)

Stuart Wray, Clive Jones, Stephen Jenner, Robert Salter
Call control method in packet switched networks
Patent GB0404580D, WO2005086433 (2004)

Stuart Wray
Secure Computer Communication
Patent GB0404444D, WO2005083970 (2004)

Icarus Sparry & Stuart Wray
Virus detection using incompressible test data
Patent GB2364404, US2003159090 (2002)

Stuart Wray & John Allen
Communications System
Patent GB2364466, US2003154420 (2002)

Stuart Wray
Delegated fault detection in a network by mutual node status checking
Patent GB2362230, US2004100971 (2002)

Antony Rowstron & Stuart Wray
A Run-Time System for WCL
ICCL Workshop on Internet Programming Languages 1998

Antony Rowstron, B. Bradshaw, D. Cosby, T. Edmonds, S. Hodges, A. Hopper, S. Lloyd, J. Wang & S. Wray
The Cambridge University Robot Football Team Description
Proc Robcup-98: Robot Soccer World Cup II (1998)

Stuart Wray, Tim Glauert, Andy Hopper
Networked Multimedia: The Medusa Environment
IEEE Multimedia, 1(4), December 1994

Stuart Wray, Tim Glauert, Andy Hopper
The Medusa Applications Environment
Proc IEEE Int Conf on Multimedia Computing and Systems, 1994

Stuart Wray
Time-Sequenced DMA for Multimedia Computers
ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News, 19(4), June 1991

Stuart Wray
The interface to Pandora’s Box
ORL Technical Report 89.4 (1989)

Stuart Wray & Jon Fairbairn
Non-strict Languages — Programming and Implementation
The Computer Journal, 32(2), April 1989

Jon Fairbairn & Stuart Wray
Tim — A simple, lazy abstract machine to execute supercombinators
Proc 3rd Conf on Functional Programming Languages and Computer Architecture (1987)

Jon Fairbairn & Stuart Wray
Code Generation Techniques for Functional Languages
Proc 1986 ACM Conf on LISP and Functional Programming

Stuart Wray (PhD Thesis)
Implementation and programming techniques for functional languages
Cambridge University Computer Laboratory, Technical Report 92 (1986)

Stuart Wray
A New Strictness Detection Algorithm
Proc Workshop on Implementation of Functional Languages,
Programming Methodology Group, Chalmers University, Sweden, Report 17 (1985)